The Playful Peacock & Bee Happy Candles 2019


I am Erica. Mother. Nature fiend. Admirer of all things beautiful. Bottler of good vibes. Lover of Life.

Life though lovely, is quite funny. Sometimes it can take  years to realize what you are supposed to be doing with your life. Sometimes its just sitting there right in front of you all along and you have no idea.

In 2011 I took a simple earring making class with my mom. I guess I was hooked! I went home and began making bottle cap jewelry and experimenting with whatever I could get my hands on.

( I will leave the photos of those pieces out they need to stay in the past lol)

I tried one show with my jewelry, but really had no idea what I was doing so I put my tools in the closet and went on with life. Time went on, jobs went on, I graduated from college and found myself far from home with my husband who had joined the army. I was lost. No job. No family. 22 years old with no idea what the heck I was doing! In my search for my meaning I picked up crafting again. I made a little craft room at the house we were renting and learned to love my time alone (there was an abundance of it) surrounded by my tools and works in progress.

I didn't realize it then but I think that "work in progress" period of time in my life led us here. To 2019 where my fluid art journey has finally found a home in Broad Brook Ct.

In 2019 we added our new Bee Happy Candle line to our products! Bee Happy was born out of a need I found. A need to learn how to relax and find peace naturally within my daily life. While crafting has always helped me relax, I  found myself struggling after being diagnosed with Post Partum Depression.

As as lifelong anxiety sufferer to begin with, I found my day to day quality of life impacted greatly by my lack of "chill". One day I simply said "ENOUGH" and I found myself sitting and thinking about things that made me happy and memories that brought me joy. Within that, I thought about sitting watching bumblebees with my son in or garden. A moment in time that I felt peaceful and relaxed and a moment that could never have happened without our flying friends. The idea for this product line was born out of that exact moment. Why not make a company that helps people by providing natural ways to destress while also helping bee conservation efforts. A feel good company filled with great vibes. Thank you for coming on this terrific smelling journey with us!


Through passion, hard work and dedication, the Playful Peacock has evolved over the past 9 years into a "perfectly imperfect" handmade boutique. My solitary craft room has now turned into a craft/toy room and I get plenty of help from our 2 young children. Thank you all for being a part of our handmade family!

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